Adoption leaves an indelible mark on those whose lives it touches. To the mother who made the courageous choice to birth a child into this world, there will always be a wound, invisible to the world around her, yet inescapable within her heart. To the child who was placed in a family with a different DNA, there may be an unspoken tension between the life that is and the life that might have been. To the family who has opened their heart to the wonderful miracle of loving the child of another, there is an emotional process to walk through, not unlike that of giving birth. All these lives converge upon this point. Each life will forever be changed. Welcome to the unforgettable journey called “adoption”.

Through this site, I desire to encourage others who may be considering foster care and/or adoption as well as provide support for those already in the process. You will find helpful links, book reviews, and thoughtful commentary about this very adventurous life. Browse around the site by category, recent posts, or archives, and be sure to check out the links!

Disclaimer: This site is provided for your information only. I cannot personally endorse or vouch for the integrity of every website listed here. Use this as a tool to do your own research regarding adoption and its related organizations. You are welcome to contact me if you would like to inquire about my personal experience with an organization I have listed.


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1 07 2008

Praying this website will be a blessing to many… your information here is priceless for Christian families considering this step of faith.

Your friend and co-laborer,

11 10 2008
Cristie Martine

Hi there,
I got your site from Abby Prescott. This will be a great site for families. We have an adopted daughter from China. We went through America World Adoption Association (www.awaa.org) to bring her home and think the world of them. I serve as their Senior Texas Associate now and would love their site on here if you’re interested. They are a Christian based agency and many San Antonio families have been blessed by their work and service. They also have a chapter called “Visiting Orphans” on their site for families interested in joining them on various mission trips to different international countries/orphanages. I also noticed you have a lot of Tom Davis’s blogs/work up. I am working on putting together the “Orphans TIcket Home” Gala here in San Antonio (www.orphanstickethome.org). Tom is our keynote speaker. Not sure where you are located but spread the word and join us if you can. He’s going to speak on the orphan crisis and our role as believers. If you’ve read his books then you’ll love hearing him! It’s going to be November 21, 2008 and we are working to help impact 5,100 children, get them into the adoption system and home. Read about the four initiatives and purchase your own tickets on http://www.orphanstickethome.org
Thank you!
Cristie Martine

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