The Adoption Decision

25 06 2008

I think this book is an excellent place to start if you are just beginning to consider adoption. Author, Laura Christianson, has adopted two sons and has provided a wealth of information regarding things you need to think about as you decide whether or not adoption is for you. It is simple, straight-forward, and filled with anecdotes of adoptive families. I found it helpful even though we had already begun the adoption process as it touches on several subjects relevant to issues we may face such as: failed adoptions, dealing with comments from others, open adoption, attachment difficulties, transracial issues, and more. I highly recommend this book. Click on the image to read more reviews or to purchase this book.




One response

30 06 2008
Laura Christianson


Thank you so much for posting such a nice review of “The Adoption Decision.” You are correct; the book is for parents to use before, during, and after adopting. I’m glad you found it helpful.

I will put a link to your review on my Exploring Adoption blog (

Laura Christianson
author of “The Adoption Decision” and “The Adoption Network”

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