Adoption as a Ministry, Adoption as a Blessing

2 07 2008

This is an easy read about one family’s experience with adoption. Michelle Gardner gives a detailed account of how she and her husband, Steve, had the perfect family with their three children until God began to stir them up to consider His heart for the orphaned. This book includes the adoption stories of three of their children, all of which had some special needs. I love to read about the experiences others have had with adoption, so this was an enjoyable read for me. Though I am curious about the rest of the story. The Gardners went on to adopt six more children after the writing of this book! They also began Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries as a means of encouraging, educating and equipping families who are considering adoption. Click on the image for more reviews or to buy this book.


The Adoption Network

2 07 2008

This is the most excellent resource I have found thus far for starting a Adoption Support System. It is separated into five chapters that cover the need, different types, organization, components, and publicity. There are many creative ideas on how to customize a support group to meet the needs at hand, as well as worksheets throughout the book to help you organize your thoughts as you plan. The author, Laura Christianson, has committed herself to adoption education and support through her blog, Exploring Adoption, and has written this great tool to help others do the same in their communities. Click on the image for more reviews or to purchase this book.