Becoming a Family

1 08 2008

This book came recommended by our International Adoption Clinic and I found it a good overview to the issues of attachment in adoption. The author, Lark Eshleman, Ph.D. is a child therapist at The Institute for Children and Families in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She has created a book that is easy to read and filled with practical advice on how to foster attachments, as well as information on the therapies available for dealing with more serious issues. I would suggest reading this as an introduction to what attachment issues may be faced in adoption and use it as a springboard for further research if you want to find out more.

Many people find this topic uncomfortable and don’t want to believe that they will face attachment issues with their adopted child. Although this book does not focus on the negative, there are a few examples of extreme cases of attachment disorder. My personal view is that it is wise to educate yourself on all the possibilities so you can set your expectations accordingly. How much better to be prepared for the inevitable difficulties, attachment or otherwise, than to bring your child home having no clue when one of these problems arises.  Click on the image above to read more reviews or buy this book.




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