Toddler Adoption

1 08 2008

This is a book recommendation from our International Adoption Clinic that I am only just beginning. The author is Dr. Mary Hopkins-Best who teaches at University of Wisconsin-Stout. For a brief sampling of the type of material covered in this book, you can listen to a 20-minute podcast of a question and answer session with the author here. I have heard excellent things about this book and look forward to reading it and reviewing it soon. Click on the image to read more reviews or to buy this book.




One response

21 08 2008
Carmen Wright

I found this book to be a great resource. It was very informative especially for parents adopting a child between the ages of 12 months and four years. The author presented a very balanced view of the joys of toddler adoption and the specific challenges common to adopting children in this age group. It was written in such a way that I finished the book feeling empowered, equipped, and excited to parent my toddler. She includes a chapter on what a healthy attached toddler will look like which I believe will be a helpful benchmark for measuring progress. She also discusses toddler grief and offers practical advice on how to aid your toddler resolve grief in a healthy manner. I would recommend this book to anyone adopting an toddler either domestically or internationally.

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