How God Weaves a Family

21 08 2008

I discovered Laura in a search for like-minded parents who were also experiencing the crazy life of foster parenting. I have been challenged and encouraged by her thoughts on God’s heart for these precious children, as well as for their parents. It has been an incredible blessing to share our hearts and the things we are learning through this process. This is her story…

The seed, the idea of adoption, was planted before either of our biological children arrived.  When we were told that we might not be able to conceive, adoption became an exciting option. Ultimately, we did conceive, twice. We were and are thrilled to be parents of two healthy biological children, ages 8 & 5. As our family has grown and matured, it was as if a person or two… or even three, were missing.   It wasn’t a sadness, or a reduced sense of happiness; just an odd feeling that those chairs at our table were meant for someone permanent. Read the rest of this entry »


Thoughts on Foster Care

20 08 2008

“I don’t want to be a foster parent,” I prayed as I got into my car after our first foster parenting class. “I want children to be a permanent part of our lives. I don’t like this temporary parenting idea.” I assured myself that the only reason we were in these classes to begin with was to be able to provide a home for Little Buddy. That was all. And we were going to adopt him anyway, so all that we had learned in the previous three hours had not applied to us. Or had it? Read the rest of this entry »