Heart Thoughts from a Mother

1 09 2008

Kathy Rosenow and her husband, Scott, are directors of a ministry called, The Shepherd’s Crook, that finds adoptive families for children with special needs. They have four biological children and have adopted 13 special needs children from all over the world.

It was just one of those days, and the shoes were the final straw for me. It was Sunday. We were moving through the typical Sunday rush of trying to get eighteen people out the door to church with clothes that matched and also fit the bodies wearing them, no signs of breakfast on faces, and diaper and cath bags all properly packed. I was, as usual for Sunday mornings, closed up in my room doing hair on each girl, one at a time. While moving through the routine of plugging in curling irons, digging through the hairbow box, and blow-drying my own hair, I had been pondering some topics from a recent discussion with Scott involving some language issues with Madlin that we felt might be related to her learning disabilities. Read the rest of this entry »