Our Story

It began with a very special little boy. Our precious son, whom we affectionately refer to as our “Drewbaby”, was born 10 weeks prematurely on January 30, 2005. Through the course of his short life, he endured much. And he went home to be with Jesus on April 4, only 9 weeks later.

Had Drew lived through his ordeal, he would have had many special needs. Spinal meningitis took its toll on his tiny body, leaving his brain damaged and without hope of significant recovery. Through the excruciating pain of this experience, our eyes were opened to a new world. One that is often overlooked by the society around it. There is a special treasure to be discovered in the lives of those around us who are physically and mentally disabled, if only we will stop long enough to notice.

Seeing the world through a different lens, we also began to notice God’s heart for the poor and afflicted, the widow and the orphan. Through the study of the Bible, we came to the realization that God values things much differently than the society around us. It was time implement His value system into our lives.

We had considered adoption since early in marriage, but I had always feared I would not be able to love an adopted child like a biological one. Yet after two miscarriages, a still birth, then Drew’s life and death, I began to seriously consider the possibility. I finally knew that I could love the child of another as my own. Could this be God’s direction for our lives?

In the Fall of 2006, an email was sent to us by a friend about a little boy in need of a family. He was born in Guatemala and had some degree of damage to the brain. It was the missing puzzle piece. We knew this was the direction our lives were to take. After praying and seeking counsel over the course of a weekend, we decided to pursue this adoption. Yet it was not to be. His biological mother had decided to parent him. So now what were we to do?

Meanwhile, a foster baby had come into the lives of a dear family from church. As we prayed about our next step, we were approached with the possibility of fostering-to-adopt. There were some potential medical needs in his case, and the social worker was looking for a family who would be willing to keep him for good. We had not even considered domestic adoption, much less foster care, but this precious little baby had need of a home, and we had a home to give. We became foster parents to 5-month old “Little Buddy” in March of 2007.

A few months later, we began to consider the possibility of another adoption. We have always wanted a large family, and we could tell right away that we didn’t want Little Buddy to think he was the center of the universe for the rest of his life! In September of 2007, we received another email, this time about a little girl in Guatemala. She had some significant needs and I was unsure if I was prepared to take on such a huge commitment. But I prayed that we would not miss the opportunity if this was indeed from the Lord.

Time passed and we wondered what had happened with that little girl. Right before Thanksgiving, another email arrived regarding her. Wasn’t there a family to be had for this precious child? If she was not adopted, she would end up in an institution for disabled children in Guatemala, certainly not to be desired for any child. Our hearts were stirred. God had not allowed this opportunity to pass us by. We were to be the family for this “Precious Jewel”.

Up to our ears with the stress of two entirely different processes, we didn’t feel we had the capacity to consider anything further until there was some resolution in one or both cases. So when we were approached with the opportunity for another foster placement in October 2008, our gut reaction was, “No way!” However, the more we talked and prayed about this possibility, we realized the only thing holding us back was the risk of more pain to our hearts. As Christians, we felt this was not legitimate reason for withholding our home from a newborn baby in need. With that, we accepted the placement and brought home “Baby Brother” directly from the hospital.

We are still fostering “Little Buddy”, but have finally entered the adoption process after two and a half years of waiting. “Baby Brother” went to live with his grandmother after five months in our care, yet remains a part of our hearts. We were able to bring “Precious Jewel” home in March 2009 after a long year and a half process, and we have been learning to love one another since then. These have been arduous journeys to say the least, but they have taught us many lessons about life, compassion, and love. Though this may not have been the life I envisioned for myself, I find that I am truly blessed. I am grateful beyond words for this amazing opportunity.


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25 07 2008

What a blessing your story will be to many! May the Lord go before you in both of these adoptions. We have 11 children – three born through very difficult pregnancies (along with three miscarriages) and eight by adoption. Our own hearts are with the older adopted child, by God’s design. Feel free to peruse our adoption blog if you wish, at http://adoption316.wordpress.com/.


2 09 2008

I heard about your beautiful family from the Shepherd’s Crook group. Yes, everyting you say about the blessings of special children is TRUE! What a delight and pure joy is to be found in a person considered the “least of these”!
many prayers your way to bring home your new daughter very soon!
bride to Mike
mommy to many
waiting for two more very precious children

10 10 2008

What a wonderful story that God has developed in the life of your beautiful family! Thanks for sharing all the info. I will pass this site on to others who I know who are in the process of adopting and such.

12 10 2008

Thanks for your testimony it is very encouraging, and I know the Lord will carry you through the process with your precious children and abundantly bless you.
We have also taken in three foster children, two male toddler siblings and an infant girl. Our biggest fear going into it was what would we do if we lost them. However, the Lord allowed the girl to go to her grandparents, and we found that we were happy for the Lord returning her to her family and other siblings, We know that the Lord has allowed these precious little ones to be in our home for as long as He wills, and our job is just to love them and be His hands and feet in caring for them. We still hope to adopt, but we know that it is the Lord who brought these precious gifts into our lives and He knows what is best for them and for us.
After taking on these three, the Lord also decided to bless us with another one of our own which we expect in April. Praise God for His faithfulness to you and to us!

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